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Ztal 1.1.0 release

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Afternoon everyone,

After the release of v1.0 in December we’ve had loads of great feedback on Ztal from within Namesco and from a growing number of external users. Since then we’ve been working hard on the next release and are happy to announce v1.1 is now available in the pear channel and from github.

V1.1 sees support for using translated templates in a non-translated application (via a mock translator), lots of additional tales, much better integration with Zend Framework (for setting template paths and using Ztal with ZF’s RESTful framework) and generally lots of enhancements and bug fixes. A more complete list of the new features can be found in the CHANGELOG.

We hope you enjoy the new release and, as always, would love to hear your feedback in the irc channel and any issues you might have in the github issue system.


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April 8th, 2011 at 2:09 pm

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A large part of Namesco’s success is built on open source. Every part of the business, from our web servers, mail servers, database servers to the desktops we run in our offices run open source software. Over the years we have contributed to various open source projects because we believe that it is our duty, as a successful company built on open source to give back to those who have helped make us what we are today.

The projects on this web site represent the next step for us; we’re open sourcing some of the components that we use in production today because we want to give them exposure in the wider world. The goal is for the community to benefit from our work and we hope to gain from the experiences others have using our technology in situations that differ from our own.

This web site will contain documentation on the projects that we have released, information on how you can contribute and how to get support for our projects.

All of our projects are hosted on our github account Github makes it really easy to get involved with open source projects, so please head on over there and fork anything that takes your fancy.

Some of our projects will be made available through our PEAR channel, which is at Usage of the PEAR channel will be covered in the docs for each project.

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October 27th, 2010 at 2:13 pm

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